Why don’t we Download


Why most people that don’t steal from stores or any physical places, do that through the internet? I asked my nephew that question and he answered me by saying “why not”. After a long discussion and thinking with myself, I end up with three reasons why people steal through the internet and it doesn’t sound bad.

First reason is, internet is an open word full with data with out humans. What I mean is when we go to a particular website, we see all these different files there and it’s so easy to have them, that gives you kind of it’s okay to download them. I’ll hurt nobody if I do so. We think that way because we don’t take the time to think logically and deeply about it.

Second, media doesn’t cover this topic quite enough. So people don’t have enough info about it ethically and socially. Some people really don’t consider downloading a file that belong to somebody else is steeling.


The other important factor in my opinion is, there are no clear lows against the criminals. If someone attack some gas station, all of us know exactly what he or she will end up with. On the other hand if someone download a song or a movie we’re not sure about the punishment. It’s might be only warring or arrest and prosecute or might be nothing and this last case what most of us face if we download illegally. Things like these people don’t take it seriously until they create a uniform clear punishment for all people everywhere.